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Poker is a very popular card game as to where players bet on the value of card combinations.

Placing their bets into the centre.

Whoever at the end of the game holds the highest cards will be victorious.

Online poker

Online poker has taken the Internet by storm and is a million dollar industry.

Poker is a game that is played with cards and chips (money). It is quite simple to learn to play this amazing game, but much harder to master because of all its possible variations. There are a variation of different poker games. Some examples are hold’em, omaha hi, and seven card stud.

More recently has Rakeback poker become very popular.

Rakeback deals are basically a sort of win win situation.

How Rakeback works!

- To use rateback you cannot sign up direct through a website it has to be via an affiliate link due to the fact that Rakeback works by your affiliate giving your money back

Once you have signed up whatever money your affiliate makes from you, you will get back a certain percentage theres different payouts for different amounts.

Do you feel that even when your on a good run that some people always have the higher cards? Rakeback poker can even make a beginner lose less money.

Rakeback rates can differ from company to company that being said most limits are around 30% payouts – so for example however amount of funds that you put in you will get 30% back from the rake.

This being said there are a few ground rules to follow

1. If you are not a very good player rakeback will not make you rich it will just manage to make it so that you can hold out your game for longer.

2. Do not just sign up through the website direct you will have to sign up via an affiliate link to take advantage of the rakeback deals.

There are a huge list of poker games and poker websites that offer a lot of different payouts and commissions.

Remember when looking for a poker site do some research on the best commissions that are offered and the best payouts, below is a few poker tips to keep in mind.

Tips for playing Online Poker

1. If you cant afford to play anymore then stop.

2. You should play for Free first to build up your tactics and techniques. Most online poker sites allow free play.

3. Make sure you know the rules of the game before playing for real money.

4. Spend time in analysing your competition. Look for Changes in their behaviour which may be able to show you if they are telling the truth or lying

5. If you can’t spot who is lying then you need to get a bit more techniques in place.

How Asian Men Can Claim Back Their Women

So this may come as a shock to some people, but to others maybe not. In the Asian community, there is a noticeable choice of Asian women for non-Asian men, than Asian men. So in 2011 obviously we should be at ease with everyone and race should not matter any more. Unfortunately, the reality of life is much more different.

Yes, we can succeed for our merits, and relationships are a personal choice, but in society where one goes out to work, to taking public transport home to attending public events, society still has a narrow view on people and stereotypes seem to be the order of the day.

Of course we would wish it wasn’t but unfortunately, as long as the idea of race as a barrier to human understanding remains and perpetuated in our media, it will still be here with us until the day we die. So back to the original title of this article…firstly, is this a fact?

Do Asian men really need to claim back our women from western media brainwashing? Unfortunately as already mentioned, this is due to stereotypes that permeate our western society, and even back home, in the motherland, China, there is a considerable amount of out-dating between Asian women and non-Asian men due to a long history of mental colonisation from the west and of course China’s own bout with the British Empire and its Opium Wars, not to mention Western military occupation of Japan, Korea, colonisation of the Philippines, Thailand by the west…the list goes on.

Statistically speaking, unless we men in the west out-date or marry non-Asian women, it doesn’t look too good for Asian men dating, because thanks to racial stereotypes of geeks, nerds or whatever the media is labelling us right now, that is largely ignored or unseen by society, we are seemingly damned if we do and damned if we don’t, almost as if there was a strange conspiracy to stop us from mating and put an end to our culture!

But on a more practical level, what if an Asian man really wants to marry/settle down with an Asian women, but due to all the out-dating and lack of Asian women available, and even all the so called ‘tricks’ in the book to attract a female mate, he fails due to the sheer math of it all?

Well luckily for Asian men, at least those in the western world, there is a way out – and that is to marry Asian women from their own country. Yes this is exactly what other non-Asian men do – indeed under the profession of international language teacher, or business executive, non-Asian men travel to foreign countries to secure the love of an ‘innocent china doll’ so why can’t we? At least it is our birthright to marry Asian women and have Asian children. Asian women are from the loins of Asian men after all right?

But don’t be mistaken…whether travelling back east to meet your bride to be or meeting her here in the west, we still need to be prepared…and in a nutshell, have ‘game.’ And when an Asian man is truly on top of his form, AND on home territory..with a real Asian girl…he is unbeatable!

Asian Pick Up Artist Succeeds at Dating More and More

Why is that that it in recent times, the growing trend of Asian men who are successful with dating beautiful women is the Asian Pickup Up Artist? It is the Asian PUA who is starting to be much more confident with women in comparison to his “normal”, untrained Asian brothers who constantly complain about the media and female prejudice.

The Asian PUA faces the same obstacles and faces the equal amount of prejudice regardless of whether it’s as a result of race, the colour of the skin, height and muscle preferences as the non-pickup artist. So it’s lazy thinking to chalk up their failure to racism, coming from foreign backgrounds and cultures, and all that bull.

To put it plainly, it’s not “Asians men” who are failing. Far from it, the Asian Pick Up Artist is becoming evolving to become more sophisticated while remaining emotionally masculine. It is the socially inexperienced males (Asian boys burdened with chauvinism and conservativeness) who are winding up dateless. The less sophisticated Asian males, not skilled at the seduction arts, are the ones failing to approach women, get a girl’s telephone number, and seduce her. These Asian non-PUAs are the type of men that would be rejected no matter their race, height and looks.

That’s not to say that the colour of one’s skin has completely nothing to contribute for the dilemma. Rather, folks are always going to observe what race we are unconsciously. The difficulty lies in the mind when women and men make an issue of race, and for that most aspect, the issue begins with not blaming the desirable girls who are rejecting you, but really, with you for not stepping up both your masculinity and your game (ie confidence).

The largest obstacle in interracial dating is that many Asian guys who are not dating rockstars will not pursuer the woman of their dreams. Why does this come about? Maybe they lack self-esteem, or possibly they are afraid of humiliation. This is what you call a self limiting belief.

In any case, your beliefs result in you being trapped in feeling fearful, timid or anxious at the thought of approaching gorgeous white women (or Latina or black or what ever) then you’ve doomed yourself to failure already. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, you’ve lost the war before you have even fought the first battle.

Now let’s not be facetious about the coloration of one’s skin. There is always going to be some girls around who will plainly admit that Asian guys usually are not their racial preference. Some are even Asian ladies!

Who do we blame? Do we castigate the media or the racist aspects of our society? Or is it the conditioning that society has pressured us into creating barriers in our own minds? Racism and self-racism can come from anywhere. It really is time to step beyond those limitations that society imposes upon us for it’s own benefit. It’s time for you to do what what it takes to be successful regardless of what anyone says or tries to do to keep you “in your place.” The point is the fact that it does not matter.

From now on, you are not gonna dismiss your emotions for attractive females, no matter their race or how incredibly beautiful they are. You are not oblivious to racial distinctions. Instead, you’ll concentrate on breaking down these boundaries and doing what needs to be done.

The simple explanation why the Asian Pickup Up Artist scores versus the Asian non-PUA who fails is because the Asian PUA has realized how to master his thoughts, his feelings, and push away the societal conditioning in his mind along with all the worries he feels when he talks an attractive girl. As quickly as you find out what it’s you would like, it is time to pursue your target and be successful regardless of the road blocks that society might put with your way.

For every time we Asian men deal with our nervousness, we achieve courage, self confidence, and power within the doing.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is now gaining popularity in many European countries as well as in the US.

Many people are trying to learn Asian Handicap style of betting because it gives the punters the extra advantage when placing a bet.

There’s either the giving handicap team or the receiving handicap team that you can place a bet on. It is really different from the conventional fixed odds betting.

Punters who have tried Asian Handicap style of betting will find it so much easier to win money from their football bets.

Asian handicap betting is about identifying the Asian handicap odds movement. The movement of the odds is very important in soccer betting and this movement will determine the outcome of the game.

Any sensible punters will jump into anything that can help them win their soccer bets and this usually will result in bad bets because most punters don’t have the experience in identifying the winning odds.

Identifying the movement of the odds can be tricky and it needs good education for any punters to master this. Asian handicap style of betting can be easy and can be complex at times especially when the odds movement is too drastic. It can turn both ways within the span of 5 minutes and this is where the tricky part is – just bet smart. Anything that you are not sure of, just skip as there’s many more games you can bet on and make money. In soccer betting, you have to be safe than sorry because it involves money.

Poker Hands Form the Basis for This Fun Asian Playing Card Game

David Pham, Johnny Chan, J.C. Tran, Scotty Nguyen, J.C. and the list goes on. Three of these poker players, Pham, Nguyen and Tran are ranked in the World Top 10 Poker Players by World Poker Rank. Johnny Chan holds the distinction of being the only poker player to win two consecutive World Series of poker Main event Championships. One reason why these poker players and so many others from Asian countries have experienced success on the World Poker Tour and in the World Series of Poker might be the games that they played as children. Asian children are playing Big 2, Thirteen Card and other card games that involve knowledge of poker hands. These games require recognition of poker hands and developing an aggressive playing strategy. They also teach patience and knowing when to take control and to begin aggressively attacking your opponents. I was recently introduced to Big 2 while visiting with some Asian acquaintances. They taught me a version of Big 2 that is non-competitive and is excellent for family members of all ages.

Let’s begin with the mechanics of the game. The Deuces are king in Big 2. They are the highest ranked cards able to beat Aces. The suits also have strength. Spades are the strongest suit followed by Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. Therefore, the Deuce of Spades is the highest ranking card in the deck. To illustrate, the Deuce of Spades beats the Deuce of Hearts, Deuce of Clubs and the Deuce of Diamonds. The Heart Deuce beats the Club and Diamond Deuce. The Club Deuce beats the Diamond Deuce. This pattern continues through all the card ranks.

‘Big 2′ is a card game for family members of all ages. The number of players can include as many players as you would like to accommodate. For larger numbers of players simply add more decks of cards. Each hand involves the players trying to be the first to lay down all of their cards. Play continues until there is only one player left holding cards. That lucky person gets to deal the next hand.

The hand commences with all the cards being dealt out to the players clockwise around the table. Depending on the number of players, one or more players may receive an extra card. Players should then sort the cards in their hands arranging them into poker hands in groupings of single cards, pairs, two pairs, triples, four of a kind and five-card groups. Sorting your cards and planning the order in which you might wish to play them is an important aspect of strategy.

The first round of the hand begins with the player holding the weakest card in the deck, the Three of Diamonds, leading that card. The Trey of Diamonds may be played as a single card or in any legal card grouping that is, a pair, two pair, triple, for of a kind, or five-card combination. Play proceeds around the table with each player in turn playing the same number of cards, as initially led, that are of greater value than the previous played card(s). Both rank and suit must be taken into account. For example, a pair of fives, 5 of Hearts and Five of Clubs, would lose to a pair of fives of a higher suit, 5 of spades and 5 of Diamonds. The 5 of Spades is the strongest card in the two sets of pairs. A pair of Fives would also lose to a pair of a higher rank, for example, a pair of sixes beats the pair of fives because the sixes are the higher ranked pair. Cards are played on top of the pile of previous cards played in the middle of the table. Players need not play when their turn comes up, they may pass instead. Passing is either a play of necessity, when the player is unable to beat the previously played card(s), or strategic, i.e. the player is able to beat the previous card, but does not wish to break up a poker hand such as a pair, triple, flush, etc, to do so. However, the player may choose to play if play continues around the table and returns to that player.

The first round continues until no player is able to beat or chooses not to beat the previously played card(s). The player who made the last play now controls play and leads the first card(s) to start play for the second round. This player may lead with any of the one of the legal card combinations. Strategy comes into play in knowing when to split a poker hand or when to make a strategic pass. Having power allows you to proactively control how you play your cards. In some instances, this may require giving up power if you are confident that you can regain power at the critical time. At the critical time, playing first will enable you take control and play a series of strong hands in succession that will allow you to run out your cards. In the final showdown at the end of the hand, the player who leads the final card or cards wins even if the other player is able to defeat the played card or cards.

For each of the ensuing hands, the players who are the first to play all of their cards will initiate play in the next hand whether or not they have the Trey of Diamonds. That player will also be dealt the first card by the losing player from the previous hand. In this fun game, if a new player enters the game, that player deals the cards and the opening play will then revert back to the player with the three of Diamonds initiating play.

This is a fun family game that can continue as long as there are people who wish to play. Scores are not kept so players can join in or drop out as they see fit. This is the family friendly, fun version of Big 2. With slightly different rules it is also a fun adult game that is played for wagers. Whatever your preferences it a fun game that can help the player develop their poker hand knowledge and develop card playing strategies.

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Bet on Football? Try Asian Handicapping

The concept of Asian handicapping can sound a bit complicated be but once you get the hang of you’ll wonder why you never thought of using it to bet on football matches before. This type of bet is particularly popular in the Far East (hence the name) and with most popular online bookmakers now offering this type of bet, it is growing in popularity over here.

It can see a bit complex or even nonsensical at first, especially when you see things like teams getting a handicap of +.25! But the easiest way to explain it is in an Asian Handicap betting market the team seen as having a less likely chance to win is give a start of say.5 of a goal. So in every game you have a choice of either betting for the team who is given a head start or the team who is conceding the start.

Here’s how it works in a real betting context:

Manchester City + 0.5 v Liverpool – 0.5

In this example Manchester City are getting a half a goal start, while Liverpool are being penalised (handicapped) half a goal. This means if you back Manchester City you will win if Manchester City wins or if it’s a draw.

How? Well if City actually won 1-0 in effect you would have won anyway. But if the game ended 1-1 say, then you would also win as City would have 1 goal plus the 0.5 goal in the handicap giving them 1.5 goals to Liverpool’s one goal.

In this example Wolves (-1) v Preston (+1) If you think it will be a close game, but are not sure if Preston will, by backing them on the Asian handicap you can get a return even if they don’t win the match. If they were to draw 2-2 then your bet would be a winner as they would have 2 goals +1 giving them 3 in total making them the winner. If they lost 1-0 then their handicapping goal of +1 would in effect give them a 1-1 draw and you would get your money back as you didn’t win…but didn’t lose either.

Below is a list of some of the handicaps and the possible outcomes:

- Handicap 0 is a win if your team wins. If it’s a draw you just get your money back.
- Handicap + 0.25 is a win if your team wins. If it’s a draw, your bet gets divided in half: a winner half and a void half, giving you your original bet back.
- Handicap + 0.5 is a win if your team wins or if it’s a draw.
- Handicap + 1 is a win if your team wins or draws. If it loses by 1 goal, you get your bet back.
- Handicap + 2 is a win if your team wins, ties or loses by a point. If it loses by 2 your bet is void and returned.
- Handicap – 0.25 is a win if your team wins by 1 point or more.
- Handicap – 0.5 is a win if your team wins.
Where most people find the concept difficult to understand is when there is “Split Balls”

The split ball is normally shown like this:

Celtic (0,-0.5), Dundee Utd (0,+0.5)

What this means is half your bet is on Celtic with the other half being on them starting half a goal behind.

If you were betting on Dundee Utd then half your bet would be on United, half your bet on United receiving 0.5 of a goal.

This gives punters a lot more flexibility with their bets. Say you fancied Celtic to beat Dundee United. Normally the only option you would have is to back them to win, so if they drew 2-2 you would lose, but with an Asian Handicap bet if you bet £10 on Celtic and they drew 2-2: Half of your bet £5.00 on Celtic at 0 is returned, while your other £5.00 on Celtic starting with minus half a goal is a losing bet.

So the outcome is you only lose half your stake

Asian Handicapping is a fun way to bet especially on football, and offers a lot more flexibility and variations to the punter. You should give it a go and try and understand it, as it definitely has its pluses plus once you get the hang of it you’ll sound very cool and knowledgeable to your mates when explaining about it.